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Network MESH (West London) Membership Form

We rely primarily on subscriptions and donations, mainly to finance the cost of the newsletter, which comes out 4 times a year. If you want to become a member, please fill in this form and press "Submit" or print out this form and post it, together with a cheque, to Martin at the address below. If submitting the completed form online, cheques should be sent separately to Martin; please include the name you have registered with on the back of the cheque. The "Submit" and "Print" buttons are at the end of the form.

If your illness makes this too difficult for you, contact Tony Golding, our chair, and he will put a form in the post to you.

Standard membership is £10. We would, of course, be grateful for any additional donation you can give. For those on low incomes, membership is £5 or free, as we wouldn’t want anyone to feel that they couldn’t afford to become or remain a member. We are sorry but it is not possible to pay online.

Please fill in your details and tick the appropriate boxes below.

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I will send my subscription payment, if checked above, to the membership secretary

I would like to make a Donation

I will send my donation payment to the membership secretary

Please make cheques payable to “Network MESH”, write the name you are registering on the back of the cheque and send (with this form if not submitted below) to:

Martin Sondergaard, 145 Leighton Road, Ealing, W13 9DR.
Tel: 020 8840 9445 After 2.00 pm ONLY.

Data will be stored and collated within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act and not passed on to third parties (See Network MESH website-email-database code for more details)

Gift Aid Declaration

Please fill in the form below, if you have not done so before, ONLY IF you are a UK taxpayer.

It helps us because we claim 25p from the Inland Revenue for every £1 donated. The amount you pay in tax must at least equal the amount we claim in the tax year. Subscriptions count as donations.


Network MESH (West London). Registered Charity No. 1099950

I want all donations I’ve made since 6 April 2000 and all donations in the future to be treated as Gift Aid until I notify you otherwise.



A few short Questions about you:

We find it helpful if members tell us a little bit about themselves and their ME. So please fill in the few short questions if you can.

You can print this page with the form blank or completed, prior to clicking "Submit"

Remember to click "Submit" if you want to send the completed form to us automatically

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2 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Joanna Parker

    I hope to get a better understanding of the condition, support and thank you for all that you do. I am keen to meet people who understand this health condition and move forward more positively in life.

    1. Heidi

      Hello Joanna, welcome to the group! The group is run entirely by people with ME so we all know very well what the impact of this illness can have on a person’s life. I hope you are well enough to come to some of our social meetings, but even if you are not, you will be receiving our newsletter to help you feel a part of our little community.



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